Starting a Ragnarok Private Server - Attracting Players

07 Jul 2018 20:45

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Some of you maybe already have one or even multiple personal servers; a few of you might yet be starting out with your first private server, thinking:"wow, how do I compete with servers that currently have over 500 or even more gamers?" In general, you do not. Here is a couple of practical tips and data that you need to think about.

Lots of mmorpg players

A lot of individuals wish to create a private server because they believe that it will make them more money, well; it CAN make you money.

Beginning a private server is much like beginning an online business, I will take it upon me to quote one line from an e-book I have read, the line states"Understanding, Caring, Profiting", and these are just the steps you want to take to initiate a prosperous personal server.

You'll need to KNOW what tools are required for beginning the private server; tools may be money, hardware, knowledge, connections.

You really need to CARE about your own server; this means everything that accompanies it: gamers (network ), scripts (setting up custom articles ), server (keeping a lag-free surroundings ). This is of course not what, but these are likely the issues you will mainly be busy with.

When you gain all knowledge that's required to prepare the server, as well as showing that you actually take care of the players and the community by engaging in play or running amazing events, then you can PROFIT from it by requesting contributions in exchange for services or items.


Knowing also suggests that you know which type of personal server you would like to operate, this goes hand in hand with caring for the information and subject that your server is started for; if you do not care about World of Warcraft, do NOT begin a World of Warcraft personal server. You may wish to get tempted to do that because WoW is very hot, however this also means that there are a whole lot of other personal servers seeking to generate income from it also.

Another component of knowing is diving to the documentation that comes with the private servers, setting up it is not too hard, you can set up a Ragnarok Online private server within 15 minutes and have players returning into it. The main thing your server will have to even remotely compete with other people is"content"; nonetheless, each game has its own content but why would gamers come to a server that has 0-10 players rather than one that's 1000+ and contains some habit weapons? Exactly; they will not.

As a consequence, you will need to think of unique content which gamers would like to see, you may either have somebody create the content for you to get a price, or even do it yourself. Depending on your financial situation this may change. If you choose to let others create content/scripts, it is always good to know something about it so that you may offer invaluable input.

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